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Smile for Life


Maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime is our goal for every patient. The practice of good oral hygiene includes daily home care of teeth and gums along with regular cleanings and check-ups. We make sure to give you a thorough exam and cleaning so that you get the most out of each visit. We take the time to educate and discuss how to optimally care for teeth to ensure they last a lifetime.


Regular Cleanings and Check-ups


During your cleaning and check-up you can expect:

  • A visual examination of teeth and gums to look for problems, including decay that may not be felt or seen by the patient.

  • An oral cancer screening of tongue, throat, lips, cheeks and gums.

  • A review of current and past X-rays to review the status of previous work and inspect any new areas of concern.

  • Education concerning nutrition, gum inflammation or disease, and proper oral hygiene techniques.

  • A thorough and gentle cleaning, rinse, and polish.




Regular check-ups provide an opportunity to be an active participant in your

oral and overall health. Not only does Dr. Reilly want to hear your input, but

he also appreciates your questions and concerns and feels it imperative that you leave the office with answers. No concern is too big or too small and will be addressed by our team to your satisfaction.

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