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Periodontal Surgery


Periodontal surgery refers to procedures that involve the structures in the mouth that support teeth: the gums, the bone, and the ligaments that attach the teeth to the bone. Some of these procedures are needed due to periodontal disease or periodontitis. Others are caused by deep cavities, brushing too hard, and extracted teeth. Many of the periodontal procedures can be performed in our office, but in particularly difficult cases, a specialist (Periodontist) may be consulted. 


What is Crown Lengthening?


One of the most common periodontal procedures performed is called crown lengthening. When a cavity or fracture destroys healthy tooth structure near the level of the supporting bone, a crown lengthening procedure reveals more tooth. By gently laying back the gums and removing a small amount of bone, additional healthy and intact tooth structure is uncovered. This is necessary in order to rebuild the tooth in either a filling or crown. This important procedure helps save teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted due to loss of tooth structure.





Flossing and good gum and tissue health
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