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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening is an excellent way to economically and conservatively improve the cosmetics of your teeth. Multiple factors play a role in why teeth darken which directly affect the level of bleaching success. There are a number of options available and your dentist can help you choose which one is right for you. 


In-Office Whitening


In-Office whitening or bleaching procedures offer the most visible change in tooth color in the shortest period of time. Your dentist safely applies a high-concentration bleaching material to your teeth. An important part of a great natural smile is having teeth that match. Old crowns and fillings will not change colors and enlisting your dentist's help with whitening can help avoid mis-matched teeth. In just one or two applications, the color of all your teeth can dramatically change, not just those in the front.





Teeth whitening can make the difference in how you feel about your smile

Take-Home Kits


Take-home kits are a less expensive option than a professional in-office whitening and allow you to be a bigger part of the whitening process. These kits typically contain a higher concentration of bleach than can be purchased over-the-counter and have a professionally made custom tray. The custom tray is made of a clear soft rubbery material that allows for all teeth to be whitened comfortably in whatever setting works best. There is often less sensitivity associated with the use of a tray because they tend to keep the whitening gel away from the gums. The take-home whitening requires multiple applications and the results depend on the starting shade of the teeth and the end desired shade.


Over-the-Counter Kits


These kits typically provide the most economical option for teeth whitening. The whitening material is usually applied to the teeth via a brush, generic tray, or adhesive strips. Some kits are designed to only bleach the front teeth which cause a mis-match of color. These kits are designed for general public use and, therefore, provide a lower concentration of bleaching material. Lower concentrations of bleach are less effective and less predictable.  


Home Remedies


These whitening techniques are typically unpredictable and can cause health issues if used improperly. These are not recommended by your dentist.

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